Scag Windstorm Stand-On Blower

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Scag Windstorm Stand On BlowerPrepare to Be Blown Away

Prepare yourself for a surface-clearing force unlike anything you have ever experienced. Massive, multi-directional air output driven by huge horsepower, resulting in unmatched productivity.

The Scag Windstorm™ is an ultra-compact, agile, comfortable and stable stand-on blowing machine. Scag’s exclusive “Nozzle Direction System” (NDS) provides unprecedented control of the air discharge tilt and rotation, allowing you to direct full airflow exactly where you need it on the fly. And unlike other blowers which automatically run when the engine is running, the Windstorm features an Ogura PTO clutch so that you can turn the blower on and off as needed. All of this is driven by a 37hp Briggs & Stratton Vanguard Big Block EFI engine, delivering huge power, along with exceptional efficiency and dependable performance.

No matter the application, the Scag Windstorm is the perfect tool… Sealcoating / pavement sealing professionals swiftly blow off sand, dust and debris to prepare even the largest asphalt parking lots in record time. Golf course maintenance crews quickly clear cart and walking paths, and move leaves off fairways and greens. Lawn maintenance professionals can complete their spring cleanup and fall leaf removal jobs faster than ever before. The industry pros who helped us test the Windstorm found that a single operator with one Scag Windstorm could replace the productivity of an entire crew of up to six backpack blowers in many applications.

With its excellent handling, stability and quality, the Scag Windstorm truly is the ultimate stand-on blower. No cut corners, no compromise… nothing but top quality construction and unmatched performance. Don't take our word for it. Contact your local Scag dealer for a demonstration today and experience the Scag difference for yourself. Check out our social media page and our testimonials page to see what real Scag customers are saying about their Scag Power Equipment products.


  • Scag Exclusive NDS (Nozzle Direction System) provides unprecedented control of the air discharge tilt and rotation with two fingertip control. Adjust the horizontal rotation up to 180 degrees and the vertical tilt up to 16 degrees.
  • Massive air output of up to 6,000 effective CFM* (7,500 theoretical peak CFM*) provides incredible ground clearing force on a variety of surfaces and applications.
  • *Effective CFM: Calculation obtained by applying accepted engineering methods of measuring overall average airflow volume. This is the default figure published by Scag for all its blowers and truck loaders.
  • **Theoretical Peak CFM: Figure derived by assuming the highest single-point measurement obtained during testing would apply to the overall airflow volume calculation. This figure is published by some other brands of stand-on blowers as their default "CFM" measurement.
  • 8-blade dynamically balanced and fully fabricated steel impeller with taper locking hub.
  • 15" front air intake and rear intake supply allows the impeller to draw the needed air volume for optimum performance. Aerodynamically designed to optimize air intake without causing turbulence.
  • Up to 10.5 MPH forward speeds and up to 5 MPH reverse speeds keep productivity at a maximum.
  • Spacious operator platform with coil suspension delivers a smooth the ride and reduces operator fatigue.
  • Wide operator platform is made from heavy gauge steel with extruded star pattern for no-slip footing. Platform is wide and unobstructed.
  • 37HP Briggs Vanguard EFI is an incredibly powerful and efficient powerhouse.
  • Scag tough main frame construction delivers solid strength and ensures years of trouble-free service. The main frame was designed for strength and longevity.
  • Ogura GT 3.5, 250 ft.lbs. PTO clutch brake engages and stops the impeller smoothly and safely. Adjustable air gap ensures long component life.
  • Ogura Clutch features Softstart Controller to ensures smooth engagement, reducing wear and shock loads to the belts and associated mechanical parts. The Soft Start System also eliminates potential engine RPM droop which could lead to engine stall.
  • Convenient, full-featured instrument panel has Nozzle Directional System, Tiger Eye: Advanced On-Board Monitoring System, ignition key, PTO switch, and throttle. The fuel gauge is located on top of the fuel tank, right next to the instrument panel for easy viewing.
  • Extra- large Operator Comfort Cushion allows for comfortable operation, hour after hour. Cushion is removable without tool for easy access to hydraulic and engine compartment.
  • Large diameter, padded steering control levers are very comfortable and easy on your hands. The hand force required to control the Windstorm is minimal and the lever action is extremely smooth. Same proven system as found on the Scag V-Ride II
  • Dual 12cc hydraulic pumps and dual 14ci cast iron, high-torque wheel motors provide smooth, positive and reliable power to the drive wheels. Pressure relief valves in the pumps protect the system from internal pressure spikes and add to pump life.
  • 8 gallon fuel tank keeps you in the field tackling debris. Fuel tank features a fuel level gauge and an extra large, angled filler neck for easy filling.
  • Interlocked parking brake prevents the mower from being driven with the brake on, stopping premature brake wear.
  • Auxiliary canister air filter system comes standard equipment. This provides extended service intervals and longer engine life.
  • Split steel idler pulley is stronger than cast iron or stamped pulley designs. Our pulleys are strong for long life and lightweight for reduced inertia and decreased wear on the drive system.
  • High-quality bearings and bearing debris guards on idler pulleys ensure long, reliable service.
  • Self-adjusting belt systems effortlessly keep belts in constant adjustment for maximum life and minimum maintenance.
  • Tapered roller bearings are utilized in the front caster wheel axles and caster yoke pivots for durability and reduced maintenance.
  • Extra-large drive tires ensure better traction, less turf tearing and easy curb climbing. Drive tires are 4-ply for added durability. 24x9.5-12.
  • Flat-Free front caster tires eliminate the downtime associated with flat tires caused by debris, thorns, etc. 13x5-6.
  • Four tie-down points are built-in on the front and rear of the blower (2 front, 2 rear) for fast and convenient loading and unloading on trailers.
  • Simple, easy to service, neutral and tracking linkages. It's the same design that we use on other Scag riding mowers. No cable systems or complicated bracketing. Straightforward designs with proven reliability.
  • User-friendly machine design allows access to the engine and filters, for easy maintenance. Engine oil drain hose included.
  • Solid hillside stability due to a low center-of-gravity, large tires and a wide stance.
  • High quality electrical components such as switches, wiring and harness looms are used throughout the Scag product line for dependable service.
  • Rear louvers on rear panel allows for increased air flow and cooling for the hydraulic pump drive system. Rear panel is removable for easy maintenance.
  • Sealed fuse holder keeps the elements out to help prevent corrosion and electrical issues.
  • Fuel tank shut-off and fuel gauge are located on top of the tank, near the instrument panel for easy access and viewing.
  • The Scag "Simply the Best" commercial warranty stands behind you and your machine for years of profitable service.
  • Actual ground speed may vary. Specifications subject to change without notice or obligation.



Windstorm Stand-On Blower




Briggs Vanguard EFI



Engine Frame Construction

All steel, welded 10 gauge

Blower Housing Construction

All steel, welded 12 gauge front and side housing plate and 10 gauge back housing plate

Blower Housing Width


Impeller Construction

All steel, welded, 8-blade, dynamically balanced

Impeller Mounting

Tapered hub

Impeller Diameter


Impeller Width


CFM Output

Effective CFM 6,000 & Theoretical Peak CFM: 7,500

Electric Clutch

Ogura GT3.5 (250 ft.lbs.) with Softstart Electric Clutch Controller

Drive Wheels

24 x 9.5 - 12, 4-ply

Caster Wheels

13 x 5 - 6, flat-free

Left / Right Discharge Control

Nozzle Direction System features a separate auto left/right switch and fine tune switch for up to 180 degrees of rotation

Remote Discharge Angle Control

Yes - located for easy reach from operators position. Up to 16 degrees of vertical tilt adjustment








943 lbs.


2-Year Commercial, 2-Year Residential; 90-day Rental